As a young man, I was aware that I looked like Mick Jagger. Even though I was told this throughout my younger years I didn’t consider impersonation until much later in life.

I got married, had 4 amazing children and started my own ad agency… Life was busy! As my children became less dependent and my agency was now staffed with 8 employees, I decided it was time to adventure into the ”world of impersonation”.

My journey began… I then posted a notice in a music store entitled “Looking to start a Rolling Stones Tribute Band.” Soon a man by the name of Gerry Parsons contacted me, he knew enough players to launch this project. He knew all the songs, and Damn, if he didn’t look like Keith Richards on top of it! Much credit needs to go to Gerry, without him, I highly doubt I would have ever gotten started in this industry.

Our first gig was in New Brunswick on October 18, 2002. Getting on stage for the first time and impersonating the infamous “Mick Jagger” was frightening to say the least. Although I usually keep this a secret, there is an existing videotape of my first performance that I have NOT viewed nor want to! Perhaps it will appear one day as my children continue to press to see it so they can laugh at their dad.

My band has been playing pretty much every weekend since that very scary first performance at JR’S Bar in New Brunswick.

During the early years, many musicians came and went, about 35 in total. My existing band has been together for many years now. They are: Brad Daniels on bass, Dave Bourgue (Charlie Watts) on drums, Jim Hubay (Ron Wood) on guitar and last but not least Richard Colgan (Keith Richards) on guitar. Together as a five piece band we have travelled across Canada, USA, South America and Jamaica playing all the great hits of the Rolling Stones.

While in Jamaica, I had the opportunity to work with Andrew Tosh, Peter Tosh’s son from “Bob Marley and The Whalers.” When in Jamaica, I work with Andrew Tosh, we perform together doing…“Walk and Don’t Look Back” a song Mick Jagger performed many years ago with Andrew Tosh’s dad, Peter Tosh. While playing in Jamaica, people consistently mistook me for the “real Mick Jagger.” I had numerous pictures taken and signed many autographs over the years but being careful never to sign ”Mick Jagger” now that could lead to trouble!

In sum, I feel very fortunate to have 4 wonderful children, my own advertising agency and a “Look-a Like” of Mick Jagger that has enabled me to have a successful Rolling Stones band.